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Purchase the extra long extended part of this June monthly reading here All Signs. Lots Of Communication!!! Taurus Mid July The hating they had on each other was sort of a proto-SwanQueen. She was a Romulan taken in and mentored by Spock. Keyla Detmer. Can we get a rundown on her?

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Exchanges meaningful looks with Owo that suggests either romantic potential or two exes working side-by-side who might still occasionally go bump in the night. And vice versa. Seven of Nine got some Borg infection thing of different pre-assimilation personalities from an old cluster or something. Haha aw, that would have been awesome! Maybe we can continue the A-Camp fanfic tradition and watch it while making collages or something.

Even more scissors could be involved…. Come on!!!!!!! Definitely would be cool if Tilly is gay. She has some great lines. I was still deep in the catacombs of denial then but in hindsight, I was pretty much in love with Troi and Jadzia. I remember being irrationally not an exaggeration upset when both shows made them date Worf who I really disliked as a character. I got into Star Trek a couple years. An important note: my incredibly queer non-binary pansecual dyke girlfriend is named Kira after Kira Nerys, so, do with that what you will.

Jane, bring it. Also I am crying at the youthfulness of people that are named after DS9 characters…. I also kind of feel Beverly Crusher needs to be reevaluated on this list because she rejected her trill lover after their new host was female. Tasha Yar had a really screwed up existence.

Every Major Female “Star Trek” Character, Ranked By Lesbianism

She technically dies 3 times across various Star Trek shows, books, etc. The first time as described, then she come back to life and goes back in time with another version of the Enterprise, gets captured by the Romulans, becomes the consort of a Romulan general to save the surviving crew of the Enterprise C, has a daughter called Sela and is killed trying to escape with her apparently. Sela who looks like Tasha in a bad wig is still alive.

She also looked turned-on when the new host kissed her wrist before striding away, and maybe Gates played her with a look of second-guessing her decision to end the relationship but that might be my own wishful thinking viewpoint. Law, in Feb of , and this aired in May so it was probably shot and produced prior to that L. AND i am not biased by wishful thinking because the thing is that all of these people are gay except for like the last three on the list.

I was so obsessed with Troi as a teen. She was sooooo beautiful and kind.

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I had a poster of her up in my room but I put one of Riker up next to it as camouflage which just makes me sad for Teen Me. Also I thought Wesley was great because I was also a teen nerd and had no idea til later in life that everyone hated him. Troi was my root. Which like you makes me feel sad for baby me. My personal list is Kira 1 and Crusher 2, though they flipflop depending on the day…but good list overall! It was a sign for my future if there ever was one.

Also, first time commenting on Autostraddle — Star Trek is obviously the way to get me out of my shell. Excellent job. Okay but TNG episode The Outcast needs some kind of honorable mention for non-binary lesbians as well as having the Big Transgender Storyline that made me cry buckets as a baby gay.

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  • The speech Soren makes about being trans on her world is peak Lesbian Jesus even though her crime is being a heterosexual woman on a planet where the average person is both agender and intersex. I laughed my fucking ass off. I LOVE you. Thanks for brightening up a politically fucked up day for me. Live long and pussy on…. Still not over it. Would like to add that Airiam from Discovery low key became a major character a couple of weeks ago and then…died. I bloody loved her and had been waiting for her backstory for ages, it felt SO cruel to get the info on her whole deal and her death all in the same 47 mins.

    Thanks for nothing Discovery!! Still love you tho, you weird ass show. Loved all of this. Like, she only kissed Kirk when she was being possessed by someone else, and also she tried to stab Sulu for harassing her, and also her thighs and abs give me life. Just have to point out, though, that Tilly has very strong Gay Energy during literally any interaction with Michael.

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    Also, Reno is literally a canon sapphic, so she should probably be 1 just for that. Other than that, amazing. Seska Martha Hackett , Voyager no thank you Kes Jennifer Lien , Voyager Sally: What little personality she did have was subsumed by her relationship with the incredibly annoying Neelix. Slight Mom energy, Zero Mommi Energy. Also therefore: Al aina : ok, hear me out: i think these two are def gay sisters who sleep with men in the same way that aileen wuornos slept with men.

    Female Changeling Salome Jens , Deep Space Nine Sally: Possibly the most bizarre thing in all Star Trek is that when they had the ultimate chance to have completely agender lifeforms who can shapeshift into anything, they either had them as a writhing pile of goo, or really bad play-dough people. Biologist Dr. Ishara Yar Beth Toussaint , The Next Generation This evaluation is based solely upon her physical appearance, which leaves about as much room to be straight as there is to fit another task onto my to-do list. Related: ranked by lesbianism star trek star trek discovery.


    Riese has written articles for us. You May Also Like Monday Roundtable: Our Ideal Birthdays. You need to login in order to like this post: click here As a life-long Trekkie, many of whose first gay crushes we on Star Trek, this is everything! Log in to Reply. Zodiac sign. It provides a snapshot of your life at the moment to help reveal pathways and give your self esteem a massive boost - positive vibes!

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    But, it will highlight wh at is most important to remember and know for the forthcoming time ahead. Insightful and Alluring Reading! No follow up questions permitted. You can ask Tilly any questions after the Tarot reading. Great for specific insights or a general forecast. I look forward to reading your cards. Valentines Day Readings currently underway! Wonder about where your relationship is headed in the future, single and looking for love, what does hold for you?

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