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It all begins with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your sign on January 12 that might prompt you to light a match to certain structures of your life and reality. But why destroy what you believed has fortified you for so long? Well, the truth is that you'll come to grips with the fact that it hasn't exactly been as sustaining as you once believed. In fact, you, more than any other sign, will recognize that the only way you'll ever live the life you want to live is if you completely annihilate whatever version of a life you used to have.

This all sounds dramatic -- and it is -- but it's also very real. Saturn and Pluto together in their rare and powerful alignment symbolize accepting and letting go of whatever is dead in your world that you've resisted burying for so long. Once you finally have the symbolic funeral, Capricorn, you will see for yourself just how remarkable letting go is for your soul and personal development. This might have to do with a relationship, since a stressed Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector occurs on January A business or personal connection you have with someone has been dead for a long time or has been making you feel dead.

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It's time to cut your losses and there's nothing like the start of a brand-new year to give you the push you need to make those dramatic cuts from your life. Out of any loss or devastation you feel early in , however, WILL come triumph. You may not see it in January, but you can be certain that the cosmic forces are aligning you to a personal victory you never would have had if you chose to cling to what needed to die in your life.

The success is all due to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moving through your sign until December 19, But we can also expect some positive outcomes. No more reckless financial policies. Saturn in Capricorn rewards officials who are willing to take responsibility and carry out major financial and political changes. We could well see seminal shifts during this time, a new world currency or a new financial and political power rising. Literal tectonic shifts and earthquakes are also likely.

There are no shortcuts with Saturn in Capricorn. No easy gains. Tend to the structures of your own life. Set some ground rules and put in the work to reach your ambitions. Do a reality check! More free content: How to survive Saturn transits. Just dial and speak to one of our psychics now!

Your journey of exploration is at an end and you now have some large shoes to fill.


Where are you headed? Climbing the greasy pole could be an important component of the next few years.

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You might strive hard to get a qualification or accreditation now, become an authority in your field of expertise, market your business or publish your work. A long journey has a lot to teach you. You cannot pursue a career path or relationship now unless it truly means something. Saturn is finally out of your relationship zone, dear Gemini!

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Getting up close and personal will bring to light your deepest fears, as well as your emotional and financial dependencies, testing your bond in the process. This is also the time to sort out who owns what in a business partnership, set some ground rules and work together to make a profit. How do you relate to the most important people in your life, dear Cancer? The focus has been on your work for so long that you may have neglected your relationships.

Time to test that ground. A business partnership could also be on the cards. Gone are the days of just doing time and putting in the hours. You now want an equal share of the profits. You took a risk in the past. Get your training in, perfect your skills and automate things for greater efficiency. You know your heart. Can you reorganise your life to make room for greater happiness, whether that is your new lover, child, hobby, business or creative project?

This is also the time to tend to your health and establish a good daily discipline.

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