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Urdr, Verdandi and Skuld rule the fate of every human just after he is born. In Norse mythology Norns, who are close to the Greek Moirai, live under the roots of Yggdrasil — a mythical tree that connects Nine Worlds. Three goddesses engrave man's destiny on the root of this tree. Not one human neither a god is stronger than Norns, when it comes to ruling ones destiny, this is why we should ask three goddesses for their help. Urdr spring waters Yggdrasil root that codes your destiny and luck.

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If you want the root to be stronger, welcome Norns kindly to a little magical ritual, so they could enrich your fate with inspiration, confidence and happiness. Dear Witches, It is time to wake up! If you feel tired and sunny days are not enough for you to recharge, try some little rituals. Dellingr, the god of dawn, a strong shining creature is coming to your home followed by smells of juniper berries, sandals, scallops and outdoor herbs. This magical mixture will make you feel energyzed and will refresh your mind.

Dellingr is so powerfull, he wakes up whole Earth, so join this act and cleanse every corner of your home with special smells of incenses. Clear head will help you to successfully complete your works and the days will look brighter from now on. Dear Witches, Full Moon is always special in June.

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It is called Strawberry or Rose Moon in honor of our mellowing nature. The first day of Full Moon brought optimism, andventurous vibes and also kindly opened the doors for those in search of love. Rosy night skies are full of surprises, so every lonely sole should take this great chance to find what they are looking for. Just don't forget to make some small magical rituals too. In Norse mythology goddess Freya is the one who takes care of fertility, love and passion.

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Her powers and special runes will help you to welcome a new desired person to your life and to create harmoniuos relationship between you two. Be ready for the flow of new emotions and excitement! Dear Witches, Today summerish sunny feeling has filled our whole life. Bright, full of life and power Sun brings us energy and joy, but also she asks a favour in return — to follow few main rules of her. The candle marked with number 19 The Sun is the archetype of victory, success and glory.

She teaches us to enjoy life and our achvievements, because ability to savour great rusults is no less important than our goals and hard work we put in it.

Magical smells of immortelle, cinnamon, mango, oriental spices, vanilla and grapefruit are believed to help those who doubt their achvievements and feel constant dissatisfaction. Only after escaping these boundaries we can countinue our works and start new projects with bigger energy. Don't shut the door for your success! Dear Witches, Often we are concerned about daily home routines, wonder if each corner of the house is clean, and so we leave the most important things unattended. Peace, harmony and good family relationships require attention too.

If you want to take care of your home with great precision and to protect it from anger, unwelcome guests or those wishing bad luck, you should always remember that housework is not enough. Daily magical rituals are very important too. Spread the powers of handmade cedar incense at your home — it is an easy way to take care of it, while the spells of goddess Frigga work along with the smells of incense. Frigga — guardian of home fire, is carefully watching out for cosiness, warmth and financial wealth to feel needed nad welcome at your home. Mielos Raganos!

Kas Jums yra ragana? Rytais medituoju. Dear Witches, The second day of Full Moon is a great time to plan your future. If financial success is one of the main goals at this point of your life, make sure you put enough effort to your job and think about the ways to make it even better. Freyr, the god of fertility and wealth, is the one to open the right doors for prosperity to enter your home.

Meet this god with kindness and don't forget achievements you want to pursue. If you wish to plan and protect your finance better, use power of Freyr candle. Believe in what you do and work towards it, spells of the runes will help you on this journey. Just don't rush and let the magic of these runes to blossom in your favour. Dear Witches, Once you reach the top, the risk of falling is always near and it can be extremely hurtful. Arrogant person often has high ambtions and wears invisible crown which he is not worthy of. A social climber of this kind waltzes through life having no respect for the peace of others and his own.

The archetype of such person is encoded in the candle marked with number 16 in the Major Arcana — The Tower. However, irresponsible actions come with consequences and the moment of truth hits a climber with an ubearable weight of reality. It is believed that the magic of orchids, mimosas, coriander, musk, licorice, cedar and saffron can help a soul to escape arrogant routines, find peace and to avoid painful breakdown. Light the candle, protect yourself from this pain and always try to fill your life with real achievements, not exaggerated ones.

Dear Witches, Tonight magical energy of love, rebirth of nature and fertility will fill the world of every witch — Walpurgis is here to bring you new passions and joys. Witches will be celebrating the beginning of summer and their marriage with the Devil today, so don't forget to invite Freya — goddess of fertility, love — to this feast. On Sabbath day her powers and spells are stronger than ever.

Dear Witches, Do you feel the Night of Walpurgis — one of the most important Sabbath of all — running through your veins?

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On the night of April 30th witches gather in the hills and dance around the bonfires celebrating the beginning of summer and their marriage with the Devil. It's a special time when one worships rebirth of nature and fertility. Surrender yourself to magic of Walpurgis — new witches are ordained on this night so prepare for the Sabbath carefully and with devotion.

Freya — goddess of fertility, love and passion — will be your faithful companion on this special celebration. The light of the candlle, magical scents and wishes only witches can understand will spark new desires in your heart. Dear Witches, The days are getting longer and easy winds of spring are following your ways.

It's easy to get caught up in this tranquillity and lose your watchfulness. Don't forget that exactly this moment is a perfect one for destructive minds of others to sneak into your world. Just don't be afraid — god Heimdal will protect your blooming days. Heimdall is a guard who sleeps less than an eagle do, he sees a hundred miles away and hears grass growing. Incenses of Juniper berries, sandal and natural herbs will clean your home and will defend it from a "bad eye" and even energetic vampyre attacs.

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Use this shield to protect your home and your thoughts, greet spring with serenity and feel secure. Goddess Haga is looking forward for you to cleanse your life and to forget about the negative energy that makes your days bitter. If you feel that bad wishes and swear words are trying to shake your world, it is time for a magical ritual to make it's work.

Runes are here to help you, so dare to aks. The powers of Haga candle will banish jealousy, malice and anger from your home.

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The candle works like a magical brush which can cleanse your house, minds and protects you from dark spells. Take your time. Let the evil burn down along with the light of the candle. Haga is so powerful, it can create immunity for you in the future too.

Dear Witches, New week always brings new challenges and tasks you have to solve. This job-spiral catches you leaving so little time for yourself. Your mind and your feelings become mixed and scattered. It's time to forget all the obstacles and to relax - today try to find harmony with yourself and the world that surrounds you. Mimir - the god of wisdom - is here to help you to keep your mind straight and to get over any surprises tomorrow will bring. Vibrant smells of peppermint and eucalyptus will spread the powers of Mimir at your home. Try to listen to your inner voice that these powers will awaken in you.

The voice can share some unexpected ideas you always tried to ignore. Be open to these thoughts and reflect on them wisely. Dear Witches, Can our routines feel comfortable? Why do we always try to fill our days with material goods and so often ignore that inner voice reminding us that only changes and growth are the real treasures in life? The candle marked with number 15 in Major Arcana - The Devil - is the archetype of earthly pleasures and casual routine. The Devil is a grim advocate of pessimism and cynism, but he leaves an option to choose for those who wish to do that. Magical rituals are very important when meeting The Devil - they help to cleanse your life and seek for freedom.

But one must be determined and ready for changes. It won't be easy, but once you choose spiritual growth and not your desires, you will get stronger and free from the charms of The Devil. Find your own path. Dear Witches, Do you feel how that special vibe of spring is trying to conquer last bursts of winter?

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