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I blurted out " if I can't sex from you, I'll find a way from someone else. I so shocked and hurt that's said that when he brought it to my attention, I told him that I didn't. Ever since he got saved, our relationship has been worse So my question I hurt will he come back, hes came back before, but this time I truly hurt him..

Help Taurus man. Does he like me by: Anonymous I am a virgo and there is this Taurus guy that i have know for a few months. When I first met him I thought he was attractive but i paid him no mind and kept going. We ran into eachother again with some mutual friends and still I thought he was cute but paid him no mind. He asked one of my friends if I was dating someone but thats it.

Well we just recently saw eachother at a house party and we were both so drawn to eachother out of no where that neither one of us can figure out how it happened. He was so sweet and attentive, he rubbed my feet, my back,played with my hair and he told me that he gets along great with virgos and that he wants to cuddle with me because i fit next to him like a missing puzzle peice.

We both have a very strong sexual urge and our chemistry is crazy. We exchanged numbers and I told him I wanted to date him and he said he was good with that. However, he only text me every couple of days and we have not seen eachother since the party. I can't stop thinking about him and I want him to be mine.

What should I do? Some advice by: Taurean I am a taurus, and for some of you women that are interested in us I do have some advice that I hope helps. First off all people are different, but if you find the Taurus man that is true blue such as I am, you will never have to worry about him cheating on you. There are a few things that can change our minds though, for instance if you find a single Taurus man and start telling him about previous relationships, it is a big turn off for us, we do not like anything that would threaten our stability in the relationship we are building with you.

In addition we do love faithful women, and sometimes it will take some time for us to give you our heart if we are just getting out of a relationship, or if you are. I never sleep with the woman I am interested in the first time we get together, no matter how strong the connection is. There is much more but I am running out of space, leave a comment if you would like to know more. He has told me he is going though a ruff time in his life. Well my taurus male has never met a woman like myself and remind me of it offten my questen to the above taurus is.

When a man knows the woman loves and cares for his do it make him take his time more or could it be that his money troubles is holding him back from giveing me his heart? In the two yrs we have sleap together 2 times the second time he said im going to make him fall in love with me but he still keep his distanct from me. Not sure why cuz i do give him space and dont bug him.

It has taken me many years to self assess and realise the truth of who I am, at first I believed i was a playa, however the truth is this The younger Taurus are driven with a high sexuality, an innate ability to understand women and the charm, sexiness and charisma to attract them Everybody is on their best behaviour early in relationships, so we realise this creates a smoke screen. However we 'love' women and are pigeon holed as ladies men, unfaithful and players, my perception of that is just bitter ex's who wished they were 'The One'.

Now I realise this sounds arrogant but my point is we have confidence, attracting women is easy to us and we know what we want, if you are not that unfortunately we will leave you. However we will remain friends because we are gentleman and will thank you for the experience. The key to keeping a Taurus man is to realise what he brings to the table.. Chivalry, Being a gentleman, respect and he will do anything for you if he loves you.

We are very slow, patient and quiet, this is usually taken as a non interest Do not rush us, be patient and if we think you are the one The key to realising if we love you is simple If we take out the rubbish, hold a door open for you, clear our planners to spend time with you, cook for you, complete DIY, let you have a lie in whilst we take the kids to school etc, then we are in love with you However be very careful with games and infedilty because we detest it and will not tolerate, we also are not big fans of needless drama If you are lucky enough to have one then cherish it because no other man will come close Ideal partners are Cancer and Virgo, Scorpios are also a hot favourite but generally not lasting due to the games, manipulation and drama.

Love The Bull. Well all this time he has been going though hell and guess what? I have been there for him frount and back. He has family but none of them can help him in his time of need i kinda help him with his bills , food ,money and all but the other day i told hiom i was leaving him alone cuz he never do anything for me in return i mean i know right now he really cant but time alone can be alot but he tell me he busy working so now he is mad at me for saying im gone.

What is this all about he say he respect me as a woman but im not sure any more. He talk about sex but never do it so maybe i scared him the two times we have cuz he say he will end up falling in love with me. Pisces women met Taurus guy who lied by: Anonymous I'm a pisces women and 3 months ago i met a taurus guy,there was a instant connection, which i first thought strange at the time,then he started calling me and senting texts, we had a good time laughing enjoying each other's company, then feelings started to set in, he was the on who told me and i quote" i think i'm in shit..

It's only been emotionally. We haven't met in person yet but we have been talking on the phone for 3 months. He recently went to jail and I've continued communicating with him , he says that he really cares about me and that he is not seeing anyone else. Can I believe him or is it game? Just for the record my husband and I are not living together.

I am a 27 years old Aquarius woman dating a 21 year old Taurus by: Anonymous Hi, I am 27 years old and I am currently engaged to a taurus of 21 years old.. I have my doubts about these things.. I could feel the love.. I know in the past he showed his exes off on fb and so.. I dont know if he is really serious about me or not.. I have been talking this Turus guy for almost a couple of months. It took him a while before we had our first date, mind you I was out of the country for a while for my sister's wedding. Okay, I was, but wasn't if that makes sence. After a month of speaking bavk and forth, yes it was every couple of days for like 2 weeks then everyday for hours every day.

Everything went well. So well, we hooked up. Not something I normally do. He initiated everything that evening. After we hooked up, he continuously complimented me from my appearance, to personality, to my voice everything, practically calling me perfect. He couldn't wipe that huge smile off his face from the moment he saw me to when he dropped me off at home. We began speaking on an intellectual level and getting to know each other. He never cared to really know much about me before we hooked up.

Just afterwards. As drove me home that's when he asked about my exes, my job, my best friend, my family. He did talk a lot about himself, like his job, his friends, stuff like that. When we got to my street he was a little slower and assessing my area, especially my house and next door neighbors. He said he would love to see me again. We continued speaking afterwards.

Sometimes it's for hours and other times it's every couple of days. I tried saying good bye as the relationship if you want to call it that. Anyway, he would not let me go. He does work really long hours, which is why he isn't looking for anything. Did I mention he did at one point he was telling me I shouldn't be any other guy. One night I was coming from seeing my girlfriend. He didn't know I was out.

I saw him in car driving up on anstreet towards my street. As soon as I think he saw me looking at him he drove quickly away. Am I missing something. Thought he wasn't looking for anything serious. Please help me!!! Capricorn Taurus by: Anonymous So I'm a Capricorn obviously, and I've been dating this taurus for a year and 2 months. He was very distant at first and I hated it! I wanted him to tell me that he really did love me and wasn't just using me.

Well today I told him that I knew he loved me. I only said that because of all the things I read online about how you know if a Taurus man really loves you. He did every exact thing. So he asked me how I knew and I told him " I just do" he responded with " I do Was it dumb for me to get over excited when he didn't really say the words "I love you"? Am I headed in the right direction with him. Need advice not judgement please by: Anonymous I am an taurean woman involved with a taurean man we are both married to others For anyone wishing to pass judgement on me, please save yourself the bother, I judge myself enough.

Our friendship started a little over 6 years ago. I wouldnt say it was instant attraction, because it wasnt, however we became friends, then close friends and then eventually lovers. The chemistry was amazing, almost electric between us. Once we had reached that stage, he told me he loved me. It was too soon for me and unfortunately I repied with, no you dont. With hindsight isnt it a wonderful thing! I wouldnt have said it, as I know now it would have taken a lot of courage for him to open up.

He has never said it since. Even though I now have. This may seem a strange post to make, but despite the fact that neither of us are happy with our marriages, we still remain married. I dont like cheating and I know that he has had his own conflicts with this. We have walked away from each other 4 times in the last 6 years in a bid to 'do the right thing'. However, it never lasted, the pull was too strong, the desire and the loss too great.

He is what I would call the strong, silent type. He does not share his feelings too well probably like most men but does show me how much he cares about me. Despite what it may look like from the outside, I know he isnt a player and I know that having his cake and eating it isnt what he wants.

Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

This isnt by any means ideal for him. I have been patient, more than patient. Yes I am still in my marriage and I know that I will eventually leave once I have plucked up enough courage to say the words "its over". My husband is a good man and I really dont want to hurt him anymore than I already am. This is where most people judge and for the record I do no want my cake and eat it either. I hate living like this, more than you realise, but I am also very fearful of making the next step into the unknown.

Although I will. Like I said before he is a man of very few words. Strangely enough, I find that attractive, albeit frustrating. I trust him with my life and I couldnt imagine life without him. But I would really like to understand what going on with him. If I dont contact him, he makes contact. But then sometimes he goes silent on me, almost as if he has lost interest. Then he is back again, strong as ever and then goes again. Not for long though, maybe a couple of days at most.

He shows he cares about in little ways and I know he watches my back at work. In fact a male co-worker pointed that out to me, that men just dont do what he does, if they dont really care about you. He knows we have been friends for a long long time. Taurus guy has become distant by: Anonymous I've been seeing this Taurus guy for almost 4 years.. I feel like he's been really distant he says he hasn't he's just been working but I haven't heard from him in a week..

I feel like he's ignoring me cause he never responds to my messages.. Is he losing interest? Why can't he tell me what's going on with him. I love him and he says he loves me also but I can't help but feel like he doesn't anymore.. The Tuarus men is Perfect.

If you have a taurus men thn be happy The Cusp lady--replied--"For now Yuppsooo Ms. Poor guy.. He turned down MTG in person Heart --really wants him to SEE.. My Taurus is living with his kids mom but wants to be with me by: Anonymous So I moved with my two kids ages 2 and 3 to a new house and lo and behold across the street lives this gorgeous Taurus man who I am instantly attracted to. The feelings are definitley mutual and eventually he asks me for my phone number.

I give it to him but dont answer when he calls becuase he is living with someone and has 4 daughters. I let him chase me for a few months and eventually I start answering his calls. We get to know each other and start to fall in love. One problem- he is living with his kids mother. I tried not to take it seriously because I dont know what will become of this. When he drinks and has a good time and comes back home- there is no hiding how he feels about me- to anyone including her.

She saw him in my face and they argued about me all night outside where everyone could hear them. She told him to go ahead and be with me cause she doesnt care what he does. He said he doesnt want to leave his kids and that is why he is still there. We have been dealing with one another like this for over a year now. I am moving becuase I cant live like this and he is very excited- even wants a key. He said things will be differenT now that I am moving but I dont know if he will leave her because of the kids. However he comes home every night and is right there with me. I just dont under the motive Taurus husband by: Anonymous My.

Husband is a Taurus. I've been with him for 21 years. If I wasn't patient with him, I would have left his ass along time ago. He's stuborn, hardheaded, boring, liar and a dam cheater. I know he loves me , but who does that? Never trust them, keep an open mind like what you would do in any relationship. By the way I'm a gemini and I've been faithful all 21 years. Confused and hurt by: Anonymous I joined a dating site and was ready to delete my profile and give up when I saw "Franklin's" profile. He said he wanted a serious relationship and to find someone to marry.

He also said he wanted to move somewhere warm when his youngest son graduated, which is exactly what I have planned. We exchanged numbers and met a week later. We met at a restaurant at the bar and had a drink and appetizer, talked for a few hours and I felt he was a little "cold. We flirted a little during the movie and when it was over he asked to keep the date going. I live closer to where we met so we decided to go to my house.

He lived over an hour from me but was from a nearby town where I lived and grew up. Franklin and I watched tv and he eventually kissed me. It was the hottest first kiss I have ever had. We started making out and the kissing was mind blowing. And each time we stopped to catch our breath he would tell me how good it was.

He told me he was a taurus and I am a virgo. He asked me to google our signs and see if we were compatible. I read it to him and he was very happy to hear how compatible we are. Our first date was 13 hours. I thought he would want to see me again but he barely showed any interest other than a few responses to my texts telling me he had thought a lot about that night.

Born on the Cusp Between Two Zodiac Signs

He travels for his job so the next weekend came and he didnt respond to any of my texts. So on Monday morning I texted him saying it was obvious he wasn't interested and that I would leave him alone. He quickly responded this time saying he was very interested and apologized for not giving me the attention I deserved. He is working and staying at a hotel 3 hours from me. So I told him I was off work and asked if I could come there to see him. He saId yes and was very excited. I went the next day.

He was working in a very small town and there was nothing to do. He didn't kiss or hug me when he first saw me which hurt my feelings after driving miles to see him. We ended up making out and eventually making love for hours. We then showered and went to dinner and drank and talked for hours then came back to the hotel and made love twice more.

He held me all night and we woke up early and made love again before he left for work. He showered, dressed and bent down and kissed my forehead, told me not to be in a hurry to leave and then quickly left. I thought again he was very short with me. He didnt thank me for coming or tell me to be safe driving back. He texted me and told me how much he liked me visiting and how amazing the evening was and that he couldnt stop thinking about me.

Before we met he asked me if I was patient, I said yes. But then this weekend came and went and he didnt text me or call. He makes me feel inadequate and unloved and unwanted. I told him I would be patient as long as he would communicate with me. Now what? My Assessment Of The Problem by: Taurus From my assessment of this problem, i see that many of you were involved with married Taurus or maybe you afraid of them cheating on you.

The truth is, Taurus is kinda Loyal, Subtle, Patience person that is hard to find. They're kindly rare person to find. Taurus isn't a person that you can swept off his feet. He is the one who will make the move. Like staring at you, touching you, and even sweet talking with you.

No offence but it is their nature way to seduce a girl or winning her heart. The only things that Taurus need is appreciation, full attention to their problem, and also spending time with him. No wonder, many of Taurus cheated on his girlfriend or wife. This is all the problem that Taurus has. They need attention!! They're earth element which mean that they're fixed and will not change their decision same goes to having sex with other people. But anyways, he still love the person that made him swept off his feet and will never ever forget them. Sincerely, Taurus. I know about the "ending things" only to find yourselves either not able to get to the starting gate of ending it or even out of that conversation as "over".

We tried the friends thing and "we'll keep each other at arms length" approach. Fail - As in the first 3 minutes of being within 5ft of each other. So needless to say, the chemistry, the attraction, the energy between us was definitely there and it still is. There is way too much to our story to write here but if all of the above things have a grip on you, I think it truly is unshakeable. He has many of the traits that have been discussed here. He is the strong silent type, he likes to be worshipped so to speak.

He loves attention. He has flirted in front of me but only once. I didn't give even the smallest of reaction to it. He can be jealous and he does NOT want to hear or know about any other man who may have been in my life. Haha I just remembered this. One time he asked me about a man that he knew I had been involved with. FIRST thing he said was "what does he do? Honestly though, he doesn't want to know or hear about any other man or details. Which is all fine by me as well.

He does little things to show that he cares. For example, if he's talking to someone and we are in eye shot of each other, he'll catch my gaze and wink. If he walks past me while in convo with another, he'll brush the crook of my arm with his finger on the way by. He'll sit close enough to me that some part of our bodies are touching. He's wonderful but he is not necessarily good at verbal communication. However, he does communicate and so does your Taurus, you just have to listen in other ways.

I strongly suggest getting to know your Taurus man inside and out. Be patient, be gentle, be kind and be forgiving when you can be. When he says we need to rebuild by: Anonymous After knowing a taurus for 7 months, showing him loyalty, starting a business together, then after a fight that mentions what other women says about him, in his mind he thinks I view him as those women, which is not the case, they were just words to bring his attention to how he was treating me and how I felt. I've apologized, recognizing that I've made a mistake, even though we maintained daily contact, he's withdrawn, I'm not sure what to do.

I would like to think that he does love me, and this is the reason for this extreme treatment from him, not sure what to do, and how to react to get things back to how it was with him. I love him and maybe going out with my friends might awake him to the fact I'm enjoying life away from him. He say's we're still partners and we need to rebuild, I miss the closeness we had. Please Help! Dun Understand Taurus Guys Can any Taurus guys tell me about their common charactistics? Are you guys like someone just via emails?

Born on the Cusp?

Help me please by: senorita Im a virgo woman I had this friend of mine, he is a Taurus. I came to knew him only before 6 months. He is actually a friend of the guy i dated. That dating story came to an end within two weeks.. He had my back And made me feel good all the time. He made me understand that there was no mistake on my part nd he hated the guy i dated, even though they were bestest of friends.

He always told me that he felt so protective over me that he has not felt with anyone before.. I felt so drawn towatds him from the day i knew him. But i dint concentrate much on him because i was dating his friend. All the things matched between us.. Then i got this strange feelings of kissing nd cuddling him. I felt bad coz we were friends. I told him this, he was like nothing s wrong in it coz he might feel the same some day.

We talked about relationships.. He told me he really really loves me with whole of his heart but we both cant b in a relationship. He thinks that way. Recently his ex was like she needs to get back in to a relationship nd things changed. He told me he cant meet me or talk with me as before because that girl needs the most importance nd stuff to her. He promised me that he ll b with me in all good nd bad throught my life.

But we dont talk with eachother now. He blocked me from fb for hurting myself. I cant take my mind off him. Please help me. Everything was picture perfect till that girl returned. I even told him that i can b good friemds with her.. He said he s not interested in giving an intro. And he also told me he s not going to Marry her eventhough he likes her a lot. This makes no sense.. He is single, hardworker, sweet, and has a very beautiful home which he do lives alone. I want him to share his feelings with me and he won't, I always tells him how I feel about him, and all he says is wow".

To the Taurus man I need help by: Anonymous I'm currently in a unhappy marriage and I'm no longer in love with my partner. I have this Taurus friend that I flirt with a lot. His presence excites me and I want more than I can have. He is also married as well.

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We kiss everyday and talk a lot. I know that he is honest and trustworthy. He wants us spend a day together and have sex. It's been about 3 and a half months this has been going on. I want to tell him that I have feelings for him but I don't want to push him away. I know what we are doing is wrong but it feels right.

In the begining he said that he was in love with his wife. What I don't understand is why is he chasing me. There are plenty of woman that he can cheat with so why waste time with someone who is not giving it up. I really like him alot. We usually don't talk or text on our days off but he checks in with me when he's on his way to work and during the day. He waits for me and we drive home together in seperate cars. I'm a Scorpio woman what should I do. Married woman dating a taurus man by: Anonymous I am a married woman i started seeing taurus,and we had sex he keeps talking about wanting a kid.

Cancer female dating taurus male by: Anonymous I'm a cancer female dating a taurus male. He is wonderful he makes me feel like I'm living in a fairy tale. He is perfect in every way you want a guy to be I know I didn't know him very long,but,seems so weird. Need some advice. At first I just thought he was good looking but was not interested otherwise. We hung out for a night and got to know each other. Keep in mind that I live a few hours away. He kept telling me he wished I lived closer and why did I have to live so far away. He even joked about us up and getting married to solve the problem.

It was really cute the way he talked like that. He complimented me throughout the night as well. We cuddled, kissed and fooled around a bit but I would not have sex with him. As I did not want to seem like one of those types of people. Although the sexual chemistry was definitely there! We stayed up very late and enjoyed the time spent together.

When my friend and I left in the morning he told me to text him, but I did not get his number. When I got home that night he had gotten my number from my friend and had texted me that he had a great time and was glad to have met me and that we should hang out again. We have texted a few times and he has asked when I will be around next and also said he would come visit me.

I am trying not to get my hopes up but would really like to date him and have it turn into something serious. What do I do? I don't want to be pushy and call or text but I do want to see him : I am having a hard time because I have had many bad relationships and don't want to get hurt. Please tell me what to do! Thank you :. I would love to pick your brain.. I like him however I'm not sure if I'm waiste n my time. How can we connect so I can pick your brain.

I was going to end it he didn't let me so I said we can be friends he said he likes older woman lol he would call me never asked for his number texting only on kik one day everything stopped so I moved on out the blue on fb he adds me I am wonder how he found me I was happy I said I missed him he said me too. Taurus men please help me?! He is fresh out of a 7 year marriage. I told him from the start I didn't want anything from him. Well, I am falling for this man and think about him all the time. I really need to know if he likes me and could be possibily falling for me.

He does ask me a ton of question and of course as me being a gemini, I do most of the talking lol. He does ask weekly where the party at I assume he wants to see me and he does invite me pleases usually without much notice though. I just so confused! He teases me, touches me, and has been telling me about his family little by little. He will communicate every couple days but I usually am the one who asks him to see him. I never go when he invites me places because I don't want to seem desparate. He look is so peircing that it make me nervous.

He awkward when I kiss him which hurts me cause I love to kiss. But our last sex night he did cuddle with me which is the first. We have had sex 7 times in total. Is he taking it slow or just using me for sex and is a nice guy who doesn't want to hurt me. We had sex without a condom our last time and I was shocked because he told me from the beginning he never does that. He said it was my decision on whether he pull out or not. Well the next morning, he said he didn't want to have sex because he didn't want to take another chance of getting me pregnant and then asked me if I wanted anymore kids.

I have one and he had none. I told him If it happens then it happens. He didn't say anything else. He forgot my bday but my friends say we were only sleeping together for one month and I shouldn't have expected anything? Once I told him it hurt my feelings that he forget, he spent two days apologizing over text though. He bought me some cheap looking earrings and a nice card to try and make up for it. He made a comment about how he has game to me and I responded that he can do whatever he want but will miss me because I am addictive.

He replyed true. Wtf is that suppose to mean! God please give me ur honest feedback. I want to leave him alone everyday but want to stay everyday too. I'm too old to be confused about a man like this. My first taurus experience. I should of never moved to Florida lol. After seven years later he came and told me that he is dating another woman. Also, if you are in love with this guy dont tell him you love him, if you do he will back up. He is a poet as well.

I would consider myself the luckiest on earth if i got married to him because i know this is the only way i can live with him till my last breathe. I m very possessive abt him very passionate and crazy. Nancy our date of births are 23rd Nov and 9th May, I wud appreciate if u say something about us.

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I think you two can have a Happy Ever After future!! Good luck and tell a friend about the siteeeeeee. Nancy I m female Sag 23 nov and my love is 9th may.

My beautiful girlfriend is a Sag and I, of course, am a Taurean. As far as the jealousy goes, I have to say that we would have about the same minimal of that emotion. Very minimal. I love the outdoors as much as a good couch. Ms Sag is very much the same. So…are we hapless lovers or destined for good things? Nothing like a bit of direct commentary. I agree. I think changing someone is a bad thing. So Nancy, and insight on Ms Sag and myself?

I am totally blown away by this write up. His energy puts me on a natural high. I Swear. I do get moody quite often but he knows just perfectly how to leave me alone until I cool down — and before I know it I am chilled out next to him, very happy and totally content. He would even sometimes come over and comfort me and make me happy in a matter of seconds. Our fights are ridiculous and we end up laughing about it all before we even get started bitching. Alive and totally content again. I feel safe with this Taurus man.

He is big and strong with an OH SO gorgeous smile. He keeps me busy, and lively, and continuously striving for more. I have no trust issues. Lucky for me our moon signs are connected perfectly as well — him being a strong and sensitive Scorpio who can attend to me overly soft and sensitive needs of the Pisces moon. He is my twin flame. I never knew this was even possible! Thank you all so much for your comments on personal experiences — it helps to know I am not delusional!

But you are not married?? Hello friends, I just wanna share with you about my relationship with my Taurus. We started very passionate, it was all so beautiful, he was so caring and loving, like no other man. Nancy, could you help me, please. I can give you additional information about our birth dates — Thank you Nancy, and you guys too! You have the smarts to wean him.

Let more and more time go by between calls, texts and emails in the hopes he will get lonely or at least horny and someone there in town will catch his eye. Meanwhile do whatever you want. Hi Nancy I have one hell of a twist for you. I was married to a Sagittarius for 20 yrs. It ended terribly, she was an introvert, she cheated and was completely paranoid about me being unfaithful, to the point of being abusive.

It drove me crazy. I met a new love a month and a half ago who also is a Sagittarius, and I cant say enough good things about her. The Sagittarius in her is accurate to the T and I love it. I fell totally and completely in love with her almost instantly. All it took was her laying in my arms and me gazing into her eyes. I melted!!! We communicate perfectly, we have tons of fun, weather we are together or not. As far a possessiveness is concerned I love her free spirit and would not change her for anything.

I feel we were made for each other. We have passion for each other beyond belief, and cant seem to get enough of each other!! If you know what I mean. The love that I feel for this lady is like something out of a love story. I now know the true meaning of love. I am May 13 and she is Dec 7 Something must be wrong with me or the Taurus description. I am an extravert, I love to go out and do things, I am not possessive, and I think we are a match made in heaven. Although we had a passion that was out of this world, explosive sex and a connection like no other relationship, we were just to immature to work that hard on a relationship.

We separated, moved to different states, married other people, had children, traveled the world but still maintained a connection that I can not explain. It spoke volumes and every feeling I had ever felt was just as strong as it had ever been. This is soo accurate! The sex is amazing! So, At the moment, I met this Taurus guy a month and a half ago and we recently confessed that we liked each other.

I kinda saw this coming because when I first met him I felt this instant attraction. We have a lot in common as with humor and similar heartbreak stories etc etc. We can talk about everything under the sun and are very open with each other I am much more louder, bubbly and blunt than he is, but he told me he admires the qualities I have. We also always compliment each other. By that time I felt in love like never before — I felt he is my soulmate…so It was too late to let him go. It took a while before we make love…. Then he asked when am I getting married because he would be my best man, buying me presents etc Im not marrying to anyone but for some reason he asked me …..

How do I read this?! He is still with his gf…. All Im doing is to pray! Taureans are possessive, and it sounds like this one is collecting women. You just have to remain cut off from him; give him a reason to chase you! Good luck! When we first started off it was about sex. But being the Taurus that i am i fell in love with her.

Pisces in Relationship

It will be 3years dec She say she has found a new love which is a Leo her star sign but as i told her; just because some one is MADE to make you happy doesnt mean its going to work. Ok sooooo im a Sag. I do agree with the ladies on here great sex most deff. I have no complaints. The guy im talking to now seems to be everything im looking for in a guy he likes 2 ride dirt bikes and seems to just counter act the way he is off the bike so he can be dangerous n I love that adventure side in him i truly hope that i get him for myself because i am deff.

Kitty thank you for the advice…. NOt sure Im strong enough to cut him off and then wait to show up…. Regarding the expenses… he takes it all in his credit… As he insists. Chris Brown,Saddam Huisen, and Adolph Hitler to name a few but, hey some guys are different just depends on who you are and who they are. LMFAO this is hilarious. He was so slow about everything, a loving person but with zero self-esteem, no dreams, no aspirations… just stagnant and okay with that. I remember having to nag him to get his passport so we could take vacations together.

Sex was fantastic the first year and I had stars in my eyes over it but then the second year everything went to hell. Towards the end he withheld sex from me and I just lost it. I m a Sag girl I met this taurus guy 26 6 months back. Thanks a lot.. Sure we have problems with me spending too much..

Wow, that is interesting. My friend is the exact oposite that you can describe she is a sag girl and tough as nails she does at times act the way you decrube but ussually only when she is drunk or caught off guard. Anyways question is how do I get her to love me? We have known each other for a little over 4 years n when I get the courage to say some thing she does something to deter me. I also want to know how to show her she can trust me. Any n all help is appeciated. Hi Juan.. Sags love sex.. Give her lovely sex.. Well, if that is it…. Without being boldly suggestic….

Honestly I am not that experianced in that endevor… but I will do my best to please her romanticly and emocianally. I was married to another sag. My sag hub was always gone. Never home. Typical sag behavior right. Anyway, I still remember the first day I saw my taurus. Instant attraction. There was something more. The sex OMG the sex is out of this world. And I always do. But I always come back for more. This article almost describes us to a T it made me laugh!

We are young. But i do have to say he is the best. My sagi woman and i tried very hard so while there was a lot good to be said something alwys seemed to be missing in our relationship. My mama always said do your best and when things happen the way they happen its for a good reason, so…. Actually it was not the freedom issue. Sag woman here doing alright with my tauruas man. Sure theres no fireworks and nothing fancy that the taurus will think of. I want to respond to 45 ronnie—I can totally relate to what you said.

Her grandmother introduced me as her second husband. I crave to be with her and think about her constantly. I limit my time spent with her out of respect for my wife and her husband. I am tortured!!! I know what you mean by the tortured feeling also. This taurus would finish my sentences on my 3rd word before they even knew what direction I was taking the sentence!

It was like we were communicating by telepathy or something. Conversations between us is very stimulating- even on trivial subjects. The chemistry is too much. The problem is, I dont know what it means when I gave a couple small gifts and they dont say anything! One was a picture- and it was put up on the shelf, so I could see it I guess- but not one word if they liked it and NO mention of it!

What does that mean?? But yet this taurus will come to me, stares constantly deep into my eyes like they are looking at your soul, at first I thought this was really weird. Even if talking to two people or more in a conversation- during the conversation is talking about something and staring deep into my eyes- then the other people in the conversation turn and look at me- it is a little offsetting, at first- but you cant break the gaze and they dont look away first. Does that mean taurus is interested or are they just being weird?

It was instant attraction for me, and I do think I love them. I love their humor- we crack each other up. But the deep eye stare thing I cant figure out- really. Also, they take a long time before they respond to a question. And I notice too that they converse in questions, lol. I am crazy about this taurus man. He hurt me soooo bad when we were together a yr ago. The relationship only lasted about a month. Then, he became distant with little to no communication at all. His kisses are so gentle and he makes me feel so protected.

We just recently contacted eachother and he wants to see me and says he misses me too. What is that about? But I just cannot leave him alone. I think that just comes with age. My taurus is older too, and I love it. I love their stability, and even appreciate their routine. My taurus calms me. I needed that. It makes me feel that everything is alright. I love that they like to putter in the yard and build beautiful ponds and stuff.

They make home a place I want to be. I dont want the cure from my taurus either. This is the love of my life, the love affair of my life. I love how they are sensual, and lovingly speak to me and caress me, and speak to me in low loving ways. I love the way taurus stares at me. I have learned to just stare back without saying anything, and believe it or not- it is very very intimate! I dont like how all these sites say it will never work. Like wine, we mellow with age. I can he is madly in love with.. I love him and he love me.. We started off in my mind as a one night stand, had no idea we would be inseperable from the 1st kiss but a year and a half later our affair has bloomed into a mature lasting bond that can not be broken.

He has slowed me down in so many ways and i love it. Im free spirited and love dressing sexy he did not like it at first but he has grown to understand my personality and i learned to tone it down and respect where he is coming from as well. People always would asked me dede when will you slow down long enough to let a good guy catch you? But always i felt i had not found that right guy worth slowing down long enough to have dessert until now. But i feel so blessed to have found my soul mate who is now my best friend. The one thing love the most about him is the fact he is a real alpha male there nothing soft about him except his fathering ways for his kids and the soft spot he has for me as his woman.

In fact after weeks I was sure I was in love. Attracted by his intelligence, contemplative nature and traits of leadership and dominance. And his looks! I am so clear I desire a man with these traits. Anyway, we were set for a second full date but then he disappeared. I learned later from him it was due to a tragic family emergency. But I had to continually extend myself via communication to find out. That was 2 months ago. I have refrained from contacting him and I have no idea if he is still interested.

He is the first man in over a decade that I have felt so strongly about. What advice do you have for me? Please any adive from those with Taurean experience and particularly from Taurus male and older folks would be greatly appreciated! Sag female-I read your post and thought you were me in my potential future! Continued success with your love! But come to find out later after i had already complety put myself out there that he was going to appoach me but on his on time and terms but me being a more fast pace person and wanting what i want, when i want it!!

Over time i notice everthing he does, he do it at a slower pace! Tauran males to me are very passionate about family and people that they love so it could be he is still dealing with family and trying to be there for them thru the hard times as my guy does with his family. He sucked. We starting living together He had no aspirations, was cheap, resented my career success, broke, depressed, hardly contributed to bills and felt like he was entitled to my paycheck. I always supported him and never put him down, but the minute he started having trust issues is when I began to hang out with my female friends more because I was tired to sitting on the couch with him depressed all day.

He was at the point where I feared physical abuse due to his anger and issues. By some miracle, one if my best family friends of 10yrs came home on leave on weekend and we were just hanging out and I realized he treated me with so much respect and kindness that I instantly realize I was with the wrong person.

I am a Taurus guy and last two girlfriends I was with were sags. This match has got to be the worst for tauruses and possibly sags period. After initial swoon and attraction, and being able to talk and understand each other pretty soon communication just hits the wall. But someone hear me out. Like my first serious relationship was with a Taurus, my first kiss.

We broke up over a petty argument. Anyways, 2 years ago. After that we started talking, all the time!! I like you too. And by accident, I ended up talking to his friend, who totally fell for me, the friend is an Aries. So end of Feb, N starts dropping me hints. So gradually, we start talking again. The situation itself was rather nerve wracking for me, it was the first time I seen N in person. When I got home, I immediately asked him what he thought about me, everything he said was really positive.

So he next thing you know we hung out like twice after that. But then…. So then I started seeing him around my school. He has to hug me every time I see him. So then he hang out again… The last time I seen him, I fell for him so hard… Ughhh… I like him so much.. As a Sag, I need a lot of attention. I started to give up on him. And he was like talk to other people, but wait for me… How can I do that? None of them were him though. And it bothered and still bothers me, I wrote him this long melodramatic message about how he hurt my feelings and what not. But we did kind of. I told him that we should go our separate ways for now and reconnect in the future.

I also told him that I loved him. I am dating a taurus man. I am sag myself. This guy only talks about his money and he is a true male ego person i love him but, i think i am changing myslef for him. Wow I can see other sags are writing novels about taurus here.. And there is a Taurus guy having crush on me he thinks I am way too hot n funny… There is a strong attraction here he observers me at times.

Finally , I wrapped my relationship with the Leo guy although he always stays in my heart.. I just want to say im a Sagittarius and i fell in love with my Taurus at literally first sight.